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Attendance Management system using Face👦🏻👧 Recognition

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Python 3.6

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Code Requirements

  • Opencv(pip install opencv-python)
  • Tkinter(Available in python)
  • PIL (pip install Pillow)
  • Pandas(pip install pandas)

What steps you have to follow??

  • Download my Repository
  • Create a TrainingImage folder in a project.
  • Open a and change the all paths with your system path
  • Run

Project Structure

  • After run you need to give your face data to system so enter your ID and name in box than click on Take Images button.
  • It will collect 200 images of your faces, it save a images in TrainingImage folder
  • After that we need to train a model(for train a model click on Train Image button.
  • It will take 5-10 minutes for training(for 10 person data).
  • After training click on Automatic Attendance ,it can fill attendace by your face using our trained model (model will save in TrainingImageLabel )
  • it will create .csv file of attendance according to time & subject.
  • You can store data in database (install wampserver),change the DB name according to your in
  • Manually Fill Attendace Button in UI is for fill a manually attendance (without facce recognition),it's also create a .csv and store in a database.


Basic UI

When it's Recognise me

When it's fill a attendace

Manually attendance filling UI

How it works? See:)

Video demo



  • It will require high processing power(I have 8 GB RAM & 2 GB GC)
  • If you think it will recognise person just like humans,than leave it ,its not possible.
  • Noisy image can reduce your accuracy so quality of images matter.

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