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A high performance Swift library for downloading, caching and editing web images asynchronously.



Simplely download, display and cache images.

Download images. Decode, edit and display images while downloading. After downloading, cache edited images to memory and cache original image data to disk.

  • Add filter

  • Draw rounded corner and border


Test libraries are BBWebImage (1.1.0), SDWebImage (4.4.6 and FLAnimatedImage 1.0.12 for GIF), YYWebImage (1.0.5) and Kingfisher (4.10.1). Test device is iPhone 7 with iOS 12.1. The code can be found in CompareImageLib project and the test result data can be found in CompareImageLib.numbers.

  • BBWebImage has high speed memory and disk cache, especially for thumbnail image.

  • BBWebImage consumes low CPU and memory when loading and displaying GIF.


  • [x] View extensions for UIImageView, UIButton, MKAnnotationView and CALayer to set image from URL
  • [x] Asynchronous image downloader
  • [x] Asynchronous memory + file + SQLite image cache with least recently used algorithm
  • [x] Asynchronous image decompressing
  • [x] Asynchronous image editing without modifying original image disk data
  • [x] Animated image smart decoding, decompressing, editing and caching
  • [x] Independent image cache, downloader, coder and editor for separate use
  • [x] Customized image cache, downloader and coder
  • [x] High performance

Why to Use

Solve the Problems of SDWebImage

SDWebImage is a powerful library for downloading and caching web images. When BBWebImage first version (0.1.0) is released, the latest version of SDWebImage is 4.4.3 which dose not contain powerful image editing function. If we download an image with SDWebImage 4.4.3 and edit the image, the problems will happen:

  1. The edited image is cached, but the original image data is lost. We need to download the original image again if we want to display it.
  2. The original image data is cached to disk. If we do not cache the edited image, we need to edit image to display the edited image every time. If we cache the edited image to both memory and disk, we need to write more code and manage the cache key. If we cache the edited image to memory only, when we get the cached image, we need to know whether it is edited by checking where it is cached.
  3. If we use Core Graphics to edit image, we should disable SDWebImage image decompressing (because decompressing is unnecessary. Both editing and decompressing have similar steps: create CGContext, draw image, create new image) and enable it later.

BBWebImage is born to solve the problems.

  1. The original image data is cached to disk, and the original or edited image is cached to memory. The UIImage is associated with edit key which is a String identifying how the image is edited. Edit key is nil for original image. When we load image from the network or cache, we can pass BBWebImageEditor to get edited image. BBWebImageEditor specifies how to edit image, and contains the edit key which will be associated to the edited image. If the edit key of the memory cached image is the same as the edit key of BBWebImageEditor, then the memory cached image is what we need; Or BBWebImage will load and edit the original image and cache the edited image to memory. If we want the original image, do not pass BBWebImageEditor. We will not download an image more than once. We do not need to write more code to cache edited image or check whether the image is edited.
  2. If we load original image, BBWebImage will decompress image by default. If we load image with BBWebImageEditor, BBWebImage will use editor to edit image without decompressing. We do not need to write more code to enable or disable image decompressing.

Edit Animated Amage and Cache Smartly

To display animated image, we need to decode image frames, change frame according to frame duration. We use BBAnimatedImage to manage animated image data, and use BBAnimatedImageView to play the animation. BBAnimatedImageView decides which frame to display or to decode. BBAnimatedImage decodes and caches image frames in the background. The max cache size is calculated dynamically and the cache is cleared automatically.

BBAnimatedImage uses BBWebImageEditor to edit image frames. BBAnimatedImage has a property bb_editor which is an optional BBWebImageEditor type. Set an editor to the property to display edited image frames, or set nil to display original image frames.


  • iOS 8.0+
  • Swift 4.2


Install with CocoaPods:

  1. Add pod 'BBWebImage' to your Podfile. Add pod 'BBWebImage/MapKit' for MKAnnotationView extension. Add pod 'BBWebImage/Filter' for image filter.
  2. Run pod install or pod update.
  3. Add import BBWebImage to the Swift source file.

How to Use

View Extensions

The simplest way to use is setting image for UIImageView with URL

imageView.bb_setImage(with: url)

The code below:

  1. Downloads a high-resolution image
  2. Downsamples and crops it to match an expected maximum resolution and image view size
  3. Draws it with rounded corner, border and background color
  4. Displays edited image after downloading and editing
  5. Displays a placeholder image before downloading
  6. Decodes image incrementally and displays it while downloading
  7. Do something while downloading
  8. Caches original image data to disk and caches edited image to memory
  9. Do something when loading is finished
let editor = bb_imageEditorCommon(with: imageView.frame.size,
                                  maxResolution: 1024 * 1024,
                                  corner: .allCorners,
                                  cornerRadius: 5,
                                  borderWidth: 1,
                                  borderColor: .yellow,
                                  backgroundColor: .gray)
let progress = { (data: Data?, expectedSize: Int, image: UIImage?) -> Void in
    // Do something while downloading
imageView.bb_setImage(with: url,
                      placeholder: UIImage(named: "placeholder"),
                      options: .progressiveDownload,
                      editor: editor,
                      progress: progress)
{ (image: UIImage?, data: Data?, error: Error?, cacheType: BBImageCacheType) in
    // Do something when finish loading

The parameter options of bb_setImage(with:) method is BBWebImageOptions, an option set. Use it to control some behaviors of downloading, caching, decoding and displaying. The value .progressiveDownload means displaying image progressly when downloading. The default value is .none.

The parameter editor of bb_setImage(with:) method is an optional struct BBWebImageEditor. Pass nil to display original image. There are other built-in editors to choose. See Built-in Image Editors.

To support GIF, replace UIImageView by BBAnimatedImageView. BBAnimatedImageView is a subclass of UIImageView. BBAnimatedImageView supports both static image and animated image.

To support other image format or change default encode/decode behaivor, see Supported Image Formats.

Image Manager

To get image from cache or the network without displaying on the view, use BBWebImageManager loadImage(with:) method. The method returns a BBWebImageLoadTask object. To cancel the task, call cancel() method of the task.

let progress = { (data: Data?, expectedSize: Int, image: UIImage?) -> Void in
    // Do something while downloading
BBWebImageManager.shared.loadImage(with: url,
                                   options: options,
                                   editor: editor,
                                   progress: progress)
{ (image: UIImage?, data: Data?, error: Error?, cacheType: BBImageCacheType) in
    // Do something when finish loading

Image Cache

To get image or data from cache, use BBLRUImageCache image(forKey:) method. To get image/data from memory/disk only, pass .memory/.disk to cacheType.

BBWebImageManager.shared.imageCache.image(forKey: key,
                                          cacheType: .all)
{ (result: BBImageCacheQueryCompletionResult) in
    switch result {
    case let .memory(image: image): // Do something with memory image
    case let .disk(data: data): // Do something with disk data
    case let .all(image: image, data: data): // Do something with image and data
    default: // Do something when no image or data

To store image or data to cache, use store(_:) method. To store image/data to memory/disk only, pass .memory/.disk to cacheType.,
                                          data: data,
                                          forKey: key,
                                          cacheType: .all)
    // Do something after storing

To remove image or data from cache, use removeImage(forKey:) method. To remove image/data from memory/disk only, pass .memory/.disk to cacheType.

BBWebImageManager.shared.imageCache.removeImage(forKey: key,
                                                cacheType: .all)
    // Do something after removing

To remove all images or data from cache, use clear(_:) method. To remove all image/data from memory/disk only, pass .memory/.disk to first parameter.

BBWebImageManager.shared.imageCache.clear(.all) {
    // Do something after clearing

Image Downloader

To download image data, use BBMergeRequestImageDownloader download(with:) method. The method returns a task conforming to BBImageDownloadTask protocol. To cancel the task, call downloader cancel(task:) method and pass the task as parameter. To cancel all download tasks, call downloader cancelAll() method.

let progress = { (data: Data?, expectedSize: Int, image: UIImage?) -> Void in
    // Do something while downloading
BBWebImageManager.shared.imageDownloader.downloadImage(with: url,
                                                       options: options,
                                                       progress: progress)
{ (data: Data?, error: Error?) in
    // Do something with data or error

Image Coder

To get decoded image (without decompressing) from data, use BBImageCoderManager decodedImage(with:) method. The method returns an optional UIImage object. If the image is BBAnimatedImage, it is an animated image ready for display on BBAnimatedImageView. If the image is a static image, it is not decompressed. Use decompressedImage(with: method to decompress it for display.

let coder = BBWebImageManager.shared.imageCoder
if let decodedImage = coder.decodedImage(with: data) {
    // Do something with decoded image
    if let animatedImage = decodedImage as? BBAnimatedImage {
        // Do something with animated image
    } else if let decompressedImage = coder.decompressedImage(with: decodedImage, data: data) {
        // Do something with decompressed image
    } else {
        // Can not decompress image
} else {
    // Can not decode image data

To encode image to specific format, use encodedData(with:) method.

if let data = coder.encodedData(with: image, format: .PNG) {
    // Do something with data
} else {
    // Can not encode data

To support other image format or change default encode/decode behaivor, see Supported Image Formats.

Supported Image Formats

  • [x] JPEG
  • [x] PNG
  • [x] GIF

To support other image format or change default encode/decode behaivor, customize image coder. Implement new coder conforming to BBImageCoder protocol. Get old coders and change.

if let coderManager = BBWebImageManager.shared.imageCoder as? BBImageCoderManager {
    let oldCoders = coderManager.coders
    let newCoders = ...
    coderManager.coders = newCoders

Built-in Image Editors

Struct BBWebImageEditor defines how to edit and cache image in memory. The built-in image editors are below:

Editor Description Create Method
Common Crop and resize image with expected maximum resolution, view size and content mode. Draw rounded corner, border and background color. bb_commonEditedImage(with:)
Crop Crop image to the specific rect. bb_croppedImage(with:)
Resize Resize image to the specific size, or to fit view size and content mode. bb_resizedImage(with:)
Rotate Rotate image with given angle. bb_rotatedImage(withAngle:)
Flip Flip image horizontally and/or vertically. bb_flippedImage(withHorizontal:)
Tint Tint image with color. bb_tintedImage(with:)
Tint gradiently Tint image with gradient color. bb_gradientlyTintedImage(with:)
Overlay Overlay image with another image. bb_overlaidImage(with:)
Color lookup Remap the image colors with color lookup image. bb_imageEditorCILookupTestFilter(maxTileSize:) in demo



BBWebImage is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

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