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SEGS - Super Entity Game Server

SEGS is the Super Entity Game Server. It is a free, open source (under the terms of the BSD License), cross-platform, and object-oriented suite of protocols and services designed to interface with popular super hero themed MMORPG clients. SEGS is written in C++ and facilitates common MMORPG functionality such as account and character storage to a database, account and character retrieval from a database, secure client authentication, client movement in a virtual world, and client chat.

For legal information, please see

For a list of SEGS authors and contributors, please see

Some other useful links:



SEGS needs your help! From editing README's like this one, to coding the MapServer, there are tasks that can be tackled by contributors of all skill level!

Basic instructions for compiling SEGS in Linux and Windows are above, however for more detailed visual instructions, visit

Please read and see the links below to begin:


For Help with installation and configuration of your local SEGS, please see visit us on discord at


Visit our FAQ at

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