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Greenbone Vulnerability Management with OpenVAS

This setup is based on Greenbone Vulnerability Management and OpenVAS. We have made improvements to help stability and functionality.

You want to send GVM/OpenVAS results to Elasticsearch, try our GVM Logstash project.


If you would like something added to the documentation please create a issue GVM-Docker Gitbook Repo


The key points to take away from the diagram below, is the way our setup establishes connection with the remote sensor, and the available ports on the GMV-Docker container. You can still use any add on tools you've used in the past with OpenVAS on 9390. One of the latest/best upgrades allows you connect directly to postgres using your favorite database tool.

GVM Container Architecture


We will do our best to conduct all development openly by documenting features and requirements, and managing the project using issues, milestones, and projects.

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