Sharp Hackbrowserdata

C# binary with embeded golang hack-browser-data


C# Wrapper of HackBrowserData from moonD4rk/HackBrowserData

I did this mainly to experiment for myself with embedding golang binaries in C#.

The HackBrowserData main.go file was changed the following before compilation:

This technique has one main disadvantage. It writes the dll into appdata on runtime to load it. Therefore it's easy to spot for defenders.

package main
import "C"
import "fmt"
import "strings"

import (
//maindel :
//export maindel
func maindel(charargs *C.char) {
    var stringargs string
	stringargs = C.GoString(charargs)
	arrayargs := strings.Fields(stringargs)

func main() {

Credit to shantanu561993 for writing the following blog post:

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