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What is CQtDeployer

The CQtDeployer is application for extract all depends library of executable and create launch script for your application.

Key differences of this program:

  • Performance: this program deploys the application several times faster (up to 10 seconds)
  • Flexibility: this application's got flags that help you to configure the deployment for your or your project's needs
  • Crossdeploy: this application's support windows and linux distrebutives, This means that you can use it not only to deploy a project for your platform, but also to deploy a project on Linux for Windows and vice versa.
  • Fast create installers : Upon completion of the deployment, you will receive a self-contained installer of your distribution.

Supported platforms:

Support processors architectures:

  • x86
  • x86-64
  • ARM
  • ARM64

How to use

Example: cqtdeployer <-bin [params]> [options]

See list of all options here

Example: cqtdeployer -bin myApp -qmlDir ~/MyAppProject/qml -qmake ~/Qt/5.12.4/gcc_64/bin/qmake clear

More examples

Project structure after deploy:

 cqtdeployer -bin Guitar  
 cqtdeployer -bin Guitar.exe -qmake /path/to/qmake.exe

Project installer after deploy with the qif option.

 cqtdeployer -bin Application qif
 cqtdeployer -bin Application.exe -qmake /path/to/qmake.exe qif

Project installer after deploy with the qif and qifStyle option.

 cqtdeployer -bin Application qif -qifStyle quasar
 cqtdeployer -bin Application.exe -qmake /path/to/qmake.exe qif -qifStyle quasar

 cqtdeployer -bin Application qif -qifStyle path/to/myStyle.css
 cqtdeployer -bin Application.exe -qmake /path/to/qmake.exe qif -qifStyle path/to/myStyle.css

Build and install

The Building or installation instructions see on wiki page

Projects using CQtDeployer:

  • QAmigo - Qt cross-platform serial port socket assistant for visualizing data.
  • QtSecret - Simple encryption library supporting RSA and AES algorithms.
  • Hanoi-Towers - Hanoi Towers Game
  • distbuilder - Distribution Builder
  • Manager_v2 - Qt Quick Controls 2 - Linux Manager Desktop Application
  • IDE65XX - IDE 65XX is one of the open source IDE options available for developers working with Kick Assembler.
  • Tanks - 2D game written in C++ & Qt for Windows, Linux and Android
  • stegano - Bit-level Image Manipulation Software with Qt Framework - Steganography Pet Project
  • Online_Board - This is a board that you can share with others.

If you want to get more information see our documentations here


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