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Ixian DLT

Ixian DLT is a revolutionary blockchain that brings several innovative advantages, such as processing a high volume of micro-transactions quickly while consuming a low amount of processing power, disk space and energy.






Main repositories

The Ixian GitHub project is divided into several main parts:

  • Ixian-Core: Ixian SDK - Functionality common to all other projects.
  • Ixian-DLT: Implementation of the blockchain-processing part (the Master Node software).
  • Ixian-S2: Implementation of the streaming network (the S2 Node software).
  • Spixi: Implementation of the SPIXI messaging client for Windows, Android and iOS.
  • Ixian-Miner: Implementation of the Ixian standalone mining software.
  • Ixian-LiteWallet: Simple CLI wallet for the Ixian DLT network.
  • Ixian-Pool: Mining pool software.

Development branches

There are two main development branches:

  • master: This branch is used to build the binaries for the official IXIAN DLT network. It should change slowly and be quite well-tested. This is also the default branch for anyone who wishes to build their Ixian software from source.
  • development: This is the main development branch and the source for testnet binaries. The branch might not always be kept bug-free, if an extensive new feature is being worked on. If you are simply looking to build a current binary yourself, please use one of the release tags which will be associated with the master branch.


You can find documentation on how to build, APIs and other documents on Ixian Documentation Pages.

Get in touch / Contributing

If you feel like you can contribute to the project, or have questions or comments, you can get in touch with the team through Discord:

Pull requests

If you would like to send an improvement or bugfix to this repository, but without permanently joining the team, follow these approximate steps:

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Create a branch (preferably with a name that describes the change)
  3. Create commits (the commit messages should contain some information on what and why was changed)
  4. Create a pull request to this repository for review and inclusion.
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