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= Data services library[image:[codecov]][image:[Codacy Badge]][image:[Maven Central]]

If you develop services using Spring Boot and maybe Spring Cloud and you do[medium sized] tests during build process, then this set of Spring Boot auto-configurations might be handy. By adding module into classpath, you will get stateful service, like Couchbase or Kafka, auto-started and available for connection from your application service w/o wiring any additional code.[Docker] and[TestContainers] are used to bootstrap stateful service using Spring Cloud[bootstrap phase]. Usage of Spring Cloud in your production code is optional, but you will need it in tests. See <<how-to-use, How to use>> below.

[[how-to-use]] == How to use

.[Install Docker] on your machine . Make sure you have[Spring Boot and Spring Cloud] in classpath of your tests. In case if you need to[pick version]. + .pom.xml [source,xml]

... spring-cloud-starter-bootstrap [pick version] ... ---- + NOTE: `testcontainers-spring-boot` project migrated to Spring Boot 2.4 in 2.0.0 version. Please note, that in order to use this project with Spring Boot 2.4, you need to use `spring-cloud-starter-bootstrap` dependency. For earlier Spring Boot (prior to 2.4) users -- you need to use `spring-cloud-starter` dependency instead.

. If you do not use Spring Cloud - make it work for tests only: + .pom.xml [source,xml]

... org.springframework.boot spring-boot-starter [pick version] spring-cloud-starter-bootstrap [pick version] test ... ----

. Add data service library: + .pom.xml [source,xml]

... com.playtika.testcontainers embedded-kafka [pick version] test ... ----

. Use produced properties in your configuration. + Example: + ./src/test/resources/ [source,properties]


./src/test/resources/ [source,properties]


== In-depth guides, how-tos and samples

== Common configuration options === Shutdown of embedded containers on spring application shutdown immediately ./src/test/resources/ [source,properties]

embedded.containers.forceShutdown=true //default is false

NOTE: Otherwise, it will be shutdown with delay, see

=== Disables all embedded containers

./src/test/resources/ [source,properties]

embedded.containers.enabled=true //default is true

NOTE: If you setup, for example embedded.kafka.enabled + embedded.containers.enabled, result will be same as using AND between two booleans.

NOTE: embedded.kafka.enabled=false will cause DockerNotPresentException if you don't have docker installed. But embedded.containers.enabled=false won't cause any exceptions in this case.

|=== |Setting1 |Setting2 |Outcome

|embedded.containers.enabled=false |embedded.memsql.enabled=true |Memsql will not start

|embedded.containers.enabled=true |embedded.memsql.enabled=false |Memsql will not start

|embedded.containers.enabled=true |embedded.memsql.enabled=true |Memsql will start

|embedded.containers.enabled is missing |embedded.memsql.enabled is missing |Memsql will start |===

=== Other specific container related properties |=== |Setting name | Default value |Description

|embedded.{module-name}.waitTimeoutInSeconds |60 |Waiting time for a container to start in seconds

|embedded.{module-name}.enabled |true |Enables a container to be started on startup

|embedded.{module-name}.reuseContainer |false |Enables a reuse container testcontainers feature.

|embedded.{module-name}.command |null |List of keywords which combines into command for container startup. Some modules ship container's commands by default, so resetting this value may lead to incorrect work of container.

|embedded.{module-name}.env |null |key-value map of additional environment variables. Where key is name of variable and value is actual value of it.

|embedded.{module-name}.filesToInclude | empty list a|List of files to include objects. Each object should have two parameters:

  • classpathResource (path to local file)
  • containerPath (path in a container to where file needs to be copied)

Example: [source,yaml]

embedded.redis.filesToInclude: classpathResource: "/my_local_file.txt" containerPath: "/etc/path_in_container.txt"


== Supported services

=== link:embedded-mariadb/README.adoc[embedded-mariadb]

=== link:embedded-couchbase/README.adoc[embedded-couchbase]

=== link:embedded-kafka/README.adoc[embedded-kafka]

=== link:embedded-rabbitmq/README.adoc[embedded-rabbitmq]

=== link:embedded-aerospike/README.adoc[embedded-aerospike]

=== link:embedded-memsql/README.adoc[embedded-memsql]

=== link:embedded-redis/README.adoc[embedded-redis]

=== link:embedded-neo4j/README.adoc[embedded-neo4j]

=== link:embedded-postgresql/README.adoc[embedded-postgresql]

=== link:embedded-elasticsearch/README.adoc[embedded-elasticsearch]

=== link:embedded-dynamodb/README.adoc[embedded-dynamodb]

=== link:embedded-voltdb/README.adoc[embedded-voltdb]

=== link:embedded-minio/README.adoc[embedded-minio]

=== link:embedded-mongodb/README.adoc[embedded-mongodb]

=== link:embedded-google-pubsub/README.adoc[embedded-google-pubsub]

=== link:embedded-keycloak/README.adoc[embedded-keycloak]

=== link:embedded-influxdb/README.adoc[embedded-influxdb]

=== link:embedded-vault/README.adoc[embedded-vault]

=== link:embedded-oracle-xe/README.adoc[embedded-oracle-xe]

=== link:embedded-mysql/README.adoc[embedded-mysql]

=== link:embedded-localstack/README.adoc[embedded-localstack]

=== link:embedded-cassandra/README.adoc[embedded-cassandra]

=== link:embedded-clickhouse/README.adoc[embedded-clickhouse]

=== link:embedded-pulsar/README.adoc[embedded-pulsar]

== How to contribute

=== Flow

  • There are 2 branches in project: master and develop
  • You need to fork project and create branch from develop
  • You do not need to update project version in pom.xml files, this will be done by release job
  • Once finished - create pull request to develop from your fork, pass review and wait for merge
  • On release, ci job will merge develop into master and remove snapshot + publish artifacts into public maven repo

=== Checklist for contributing new module

  • Naming/formatting patterns match existing code
  • Test for success scenario
  • Test for negative scenario (autoconfiguration is disabled via properties).[How to test autoconfiguration]
  • Add new module to testcontainers-spring-boot-bom
  • Module provides documentation in README.adoc and this documentation is included in parent README.adoc (see an example in already existing modules). Documentation should include: ** maven module declaration ** consumed properties ** produced properties ** notes (if applicable) ** example of usage

== Release

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