Redux Duck

Helper function to create Redux modules using the ducks-modular-redux proposal
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Helper function to create Redux modules using the ducks-modular-redux proposal.


npm i -S redux-duck


Create duck

import { createDuck } from 'redux-duck';

const myDuck = createDuck('duck-name', 'application-name');
  • createDuck receive 2 arguments, the second argument is optional.
  • The first argument is the duck name.
  • The second, and optional, argument is the application or module name.

Define action types

const ACTION_TYPE = myDuck.defineType('ACTION_TYPE');
  • defineType receive just one argument.
  • The argument is the name of the action.
  • The result should be an string like application-name/duck-name/ACTION_TYPE or duck-name/ACTION_TYPE if the application or module name was not defined.

Create action creators

const actionType = myDuck.createAction(ACTION_TYPE);
  • createAction receive just one argument.
  • This argument should be the defined action type string.
  • It should return a function who will receive the action payload and return a valid (FSA compilant) action object.
  • The action creator will receive an optional argument with the action payload.

Create reducer

const initialState = {
  list: Immutable.List(),
  data: Immutable.Map(),

const reducer = myDuck.createReducer({
  [ACTION_TYPE]: (state, action) => ({
    list: state.list.push(,
    data:'', action.payload),
}, initialState);
  • createReducer receive two arguments, both required.
  • The first argument is an object with the possible action cases.
  • The second argument is the reducer initial state.
  • The first argument should use the previously defined action types as keys.
  • Each key in the first argument object should be a function who will receive the current state and the dispatched action as arguments and return the updated state.
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