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Kotlin MVP Clean Architecture

Tired of searching for simple, readable and easy to start with template for your Android application?

If your answer is yes, i have a solution for you in this repository!

Sample app contains implementation of Clean architecture for Android using Kotlin, RxJava2, Dagger2 and MVP pattern.


  • Clean architecture - App is divided into 3 modules. Data -> Domain -> Presentation
  • MVP - Presentation layer is using model view presenter (MVP) design pattern.
  • EventBus - Implementation of event bus using RxRelay.
  • DataBus - Keep data in sync across various part of application.
  • Networking layer - Network calls done via Retrofit.
  • Persistence layer - Store data using Room.
  • Debugging
    • Stetho - Debug API calls, explore view hierarchy & storage.
    • LeakCanary - Discover memory leaks.
    • Timber - Log errors and pass them into your crash reporting tool (Instabug, Crashlytics etc..).
  • Analytics Manager - Basic interface to track events you are interested in. Sample usage with Mixpanel.

Work in progress

  • Unit Tests
  • UI Tests

Feel free to contribute :)

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