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Objective-C And Swift Dependencies Visualizer

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This is the tool, that can use .o(object) files to generate dependency graph.
All visualisations was done by d3js library, which is just awesome!
This tool was made just for fun, but images can show how big your project is, how many classes it have, and how they linked to each other

Image example

Easiest way - For those who don't like to read docs

This will clone project, and run it on the latest modified project

git clone ;
cd objc-dependency-visualizer ;
./generate-objc-dependencies-to-json.rb -d -s "" > origin.js ;
open index.html

Easiest way for Swift projects

git clone ;
cd objc-dependency-visualizer ;
./generate-objc-dependencies-to-json.rb -w -s "" > origin.js ;
open index.html

More specific examples

Examples are here

Tell the world about the awesomeness of your project structure

Share image to the Twitter with #objcdependencyvisualizer hashtag

Hard way - or "I want to read what I'm doing!"

Here's detailed description of what's going on under the hood

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