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Internationalize your Svelte 3 apps using format-message.

Svelte 2

For Svelte 2 version see this branch.


npm i svelte-intl format-message # format message is a peer dependency


<script context="module">
  import { locale, translations, getBrowserLocale } from 'svelte-intl';

  // If you want to split your bundle, you can call this multiple times,
  // the dictionaries will be merged.
    en: {
      hello: 'Hello, {name}',
    pt: {
      hello: 'Olá, {name}',

  locale.set(getBrowserLocale('en')) // try to use window.navigator.language

  // use _ or translate
  import { _ } from 'svelte-intl'

  export let name = 'John'

<h1> {$_('hello', { name })} </h1>


translate (or "_")

Translation store

  • Type: svelte.Readable<typeof formatMessage>


  import { get } from 'svelte/store'
  import { translate } from 'svelte-intl'

  const title = get(translate)('title')

<h1> Title: {title} </h1>
<h1> Reactive Title: {$translate('title')} </h1>


Available translations

  • Type: Object
    • set(translations) => void : Replace translations (avoid this)
    • update(translations) => void : Add more translations
    • subscribe : Store subscription, avoid using this directly


Current locale

  • Type: like svelte.Readable<string>, but with safe update and set (logs error if locale is not found)
  • Note: Set and update return a boolean indicating if the locale was found


Available locales, derived from translation

  • Type: svelte.Readable<string[]>


<!-- LanguageSelector.svelte -->
  import { locale, locales } from 'svelte-intl'

  const setLocale = e => locale.set(

<select value={$locale} on:change={setLocale}>
  {#each $locales as l}
    <option value={l}> {l} </option>


See format-message options
Just call options.set({ }) :)

  • Type: svelte.Readable<formatMessage.SetupOptions> (but update merges with current config)


Tries to match the window.navigator.language to the available dictionaries

  • Params:
    • defaultLocale {string}: If no match is found, returns this
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