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This is a Sync! plugin for displaying the current beatmap's pp in real-time when you are playing osu!, the possibilities with this plugin are endless! It seems to be commonly used a streaming plugin.


Please read the README about osu!RTDP and read the osu! forum post before you use this.


  1. osu!Sync
  2. osu!RTDataProvider
  3. ctb-server(optional)


The settings for this application are located in the config.ini

Setting Name Default Value Description
OutputMethods wpf The output mode of plugin, you can choose "wpf","mmf" and "text" (segmenting with ',' e.g: wpf, text)
UseText False Output to txt file (recommended OutputMethods)
TextOutputPath rtpp{0}.txt Output file path
DisplayHitObject True Whether to display hitobjects (like 300_count/50_count and others)
PPFontSize 48 pp value text font size (in px)
PPFontColor FFFFFFFF pp value text color (ARGB Hex code and no prefix '#')
HitObjectFontSize 24 Hitobjects (300, 100, 50, miss) text font size (in px)
HitObjectFontColor FFFFFFFF Hitobjects text color (ARGB Hex value with no prefix '#')
BackgroundColor FF00FF00 Backgound color (default is green and good for colorkey in OBS)
WindowHeight 172 Window Height (in px)
WindowWidth 280 Window Width (in px)
SmoothTime 200 Time in ms to smooth the pp counter's changes
Topmost False Make the pp window is located at the topmost portion of the screen (you can right click pp window)
WindowTextShadow True Whether to apply text shadow effect
DebugMode False Enable debug ouput
RoundDigits 2 Accurate up to {RoundDigits} decimal places.
PPFormat ${rtpp}pp You can choose rtpp rtpp_aim rtpp_speed rtpp_acc fcpp fcpp_aim fcpp_speed fcpp_acc maxpp maxpp_aim maxpp_speed maxpp_acc more
HitCountFormat ${n100}x100 ${n50}x50 ${nmiss}xMiss You can choose combo maxcombo fullcombo n300 n100 n50 nmiss more
FontName Segoe UI Font name
IgnoreTouchScreenDecrease False Ignore TD Mod
RankingSendPerformanceToChat False Send pp to irc chat in the rank interface (If IRC is connected)

How to use MMF?

  1. Install obs-text-rtpp-mmf to OBS (20.1.3).
  2. Add TextGDIPlusMMF to scene.
  3. Right click TextGDIPlusMMF,select Properties.
  4. Find Memory mapping file name,input rtpp.(if tourney is enable,input rtpp{id}, e.g. rtpp0)
  5. Add mmf to OutputMethods in config.ini, save config.ini.

Memory mapping file name = 内存映射文件名 = 記憶體對應檔案 = MMF.Name


  1. oppai-ng
  2. catch-the-pp


Here's the plugin in use on the Tourney client!

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