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Lib of well explained and minimalistic code solutions @

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Why we do it and where we go

We're building non-profit opensource code hub, we address following issues:

  • clear simple modern solutions for repeatable coding challeges
  • moderated single-standard solutions instead of "here's a list of 25 answers with 125 comments"
  • code parts explanations to fight dumb copy-paste, but educate instead
  • no ads, no paid access, just community contributions and usefulness instead of profits


  • 3 main principles for code pieces here are: simple, modern, minimal
  • Micro solutions are ment to solve specific issue in modern versions of technologies (browsers, compilers, databases, etc.)
  • Solution should be as short and simple as possible
  • Solution should be explained by components (variables, functions, operations, etc.)
  • Image illustrations are welcome

Contributors are welcome


"What if I want to create new folder/technology in onelinerhub repo?"

You are welcome to do it with pull request as long as it is useful technology/solution for engineers

"What if I want to edit some published code?"

You are welcome to do it with pull request as long as it will make the code better (simple, modern, minimal)

"Can I post multi-line code (not a one-liner)?"

Yes, as long as the solution is targeted towards specific problem and is well explained

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