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This conifguration uses vim-plug as the plugin manager to configure vim as IDE-like tool for development C/C++, Python, etc.


  • Support LSP by coc.nvim, auto completion as IDE.
  • Fast fuzzy search buffer/file/tag, powered by LeaderF.
  • Beautiful UI.
  • No need remember all the key bindings, <leader> key will popup most of choices.
  • Variety of edit features: tabble mode, multiline edit, easy motion, easy align, etc.



git clone
cd smartVim
./smart install

Main plugins

plugin description
NerDante/smartColors colorscheme collect
vim-airline/vim-airline beautify status line
scrooloose/nerdtree show file tree in vim
Yggdroot/LeaderF powerful fuzzy find plugin
majutsushi/tagbar show tag in current buffer
Chiel92/vim-autoformat autoformat
jiangmiao/auto-pairs insert or delete brackets, parens, quotes in pair
junegunn/vim-easy-align aligin
Yggdroot/indentLine show indent line
mhinz/vim-startify startpage for vim
ludovicchabant/vim-gutentags manage file tags
skywind3000/gutentags_plus Gutentags_plus works with gutentags and provides seemless databases switching
Yggdroot/vim-mark mark/unmark world uner the cursor
scrooloose/nerdcommenter for comment
vim-scripts/DoxygenToolkit.vim for generate doc
easymotion/vim-easymotion powerful mothion plugin
tpope/vim-fugitive git support
junegunn/gv.vim A git commit browser in Vim
neoclide/coc.nvim auto complete engine support LSP
mbbill/undotree visualizes undo history
ryanoasis/vim-devicons Adds file type icons to Vim plugins such as: NERDTree, vim-airline, vim-startify and many more
iamcco/markdown-preview.nvim preview Markdown in real-time with a web browser
dhruvasagar/vim-table-mode An awesome automatic table creator & formatter allowing one to create neat tables as you type
terryma/vim-multiple-cursors True Sublime Text style multiple selections for Vim
luochen1990/rainbow Rainbow Parentheses
liuchengxu/vim-which-key shows keybindings in popup
voldikss/vim-floaterm Use (neo)vim terminal in the floating/popup window
gcmt/wildfire.vim Smart selection of the closest text object


vim-which-key powerd, "leader key" will show you everything


fuzzy find based leaderf(file and symbol)


jump to define/reference, complete



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