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Gunslinger is an stb-style, header-only c99 framework for multimedia applications.


  • Header-only: drag-drop into any project without any additional compiling required.
  • All externals included in the framework itself.
  • Simple API inspired by sokol headers.
  • Provides core framework for quickly developing multimedia applications: Platform, Graphics, Audio layers.
  • Provides custom utilities for math and generic data structures.
  • Optional helper utilties are provided, such as OpenGL 2.0-style immediate-mode rendering, asset management system, and a data reflection utility.
  • Supports a growing list of platforms: Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, and HTML5 currently with plans to add UWP, RPI, IOS.
  • Graphics pipeline follows an explicit rendering framework, making it easier to write for modern backends, such as Vulkan/DX12/Metal.
  • All core layers can be fully swapped out with custom user implementations.
  • Large collection of examples for quickly getting started.
  • Official framework used for all Game Engineering YouTube videos.


Basic Example

A simple c99 'Hello World' example using gunslinger:

#define GS_IMPL
#include <gs.h>

gs_app_desc_t gs_main(int32_t argc, char** argv)
   return (gs_app_desc_t){0};


  • Support Android/iOS/RPI/UWP backends
  • Support Vulkan/Metal/DX12 backends
  • Add support for more texture sampler types: 1D, 3D, Cube Maps, Arrays
  • Material Asset utils
  • Language Ports: (Python, JS, Rust, C#)
  • Add platform-independent threading utils to framework
  • MRT
  • Job System Util
  • Write more docs for github
  • Hot-reload util
  • Remove all externals from core framework
  • Add more texture formats (including compressed)

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