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Share modules between webpack applications
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Share Loader

The share loader allows you to share modules between webpack builds via a global namespace


npm i share-loader --save-dev


yarn add share-loader --save-dev


webpack config of exposing app

module: {
  rules: [{
          test: /\.js?$/,
          use: [{
            loader: 'share-loader',
            options: {
              modules: [/@angular/, /@uirouter\/angular/],
              exclude: [/@angular\/material/],
              namespace: 'some-name-space'

webpack config of consumer apps

const {Externals} = require('./share-loader');

externals: [
    namespace: 'some-name-space',
    modules: [/@angular/, /@uirouter\/angular/]
output: {
  library: 'some-name-space',
  libraryTarget: 'umd'


1. In the root folder, run npm bootstrap
2. Run npm run build:prod in the ext-app-1 root
3. Host the ext1.js file from ext-app-1 project in some localhost server
4. Change the <%path-to-server-host%> in the shell project app.state.ts
5. Run npm run serve:dev in the shell project root

1. In the root folder, run npm bootstrap
2. In "shell app" folder run npm run start:prod
3. In the "ext-app1" folder run npm run start:ext:prod
4. For AOT run npm serve --prod in "shell-app" and npm run serve:ext:prod in "ext-app1"
5. You can also run ext-app1 in standalone mode with ng serve
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