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Worker is a simple HTTP server that accepts FQL queries, executes them and returns their results. OpenAPI v2 schema can be found here.

Quick start

The Worker is shipped with dedicated Docker image that contains headless Google Chrome, so feel free to run queries using cdp driver:


docker run -d -p 8080:8080 montferret/worker


docker run -d -p 8080:8080

Alternatively, if you want to use your own version of Chrome, you can run the Worker locally.

By installing the binary:

curl | sh

Or by building locally:


And then just make a POST request:


System Resource Requirements

  • 2 CPU
  • 2 Gb of RAM




Executes a given query. The payload must have the following shape:

Query {
    text: String!
    params: Map<string, any>

GET /info

Returns a worker information that contains details about Chrome, Ferret and itself. Has the following shape:

Info {
    ip: String!
    version: Version! {
        worker: String!
        chrome: ChromeVersion! {
            browser: String!
            protocol: String!
            v8: String!
            webkit: String!
        ferret: String!

GET /health

Health check endpoint (for Kubernetes, e.g.). Returns empty 200.

Run commands

  -cache-size uint
        amount of cached queries. 0 means no caching (default 100)
  -chrome-ip string
        Google Chrome remote IP address (default "")
  -chrome-port uint
        Google Chrome remote debugging port (default 9222)
  -log-level string
        log level (default "debug")
  -port uint
        port to listen (default 8080)
        show version
        show this list

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