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Advanced EOS Development Examples

A collection of Advanced EOS contract examples.

All contracts have now been updated to conform with the latest EOSIO.CDT release version 1.6

This repository contains a collection of Advanced EOS concepts and examples that are typically not covered through any educational material.

  1. Cryptographic Hashes
  2. Singletons
  3. Secondary Indexes
  4. Table Index Uniqueness
  5. One-to-many Table Relationships
    • Inline Vectors
    • Index references
    • Scope grouping
  6. Contract-to-contract Communication
  7. Remote Table Access
  8. Deferred Transactions
  9. The Dispatcher Extension
  10. Token Transfers


If this is your first time running the examples, you'll first need to clone the repo and install all required dependencies.

git clone
cd Advanced-EOS-Examples
npm install

Next you can validate the examples by running

npm run test

It may take a while to install the docker images initially, this is Lamington's development environment setup stage. Be patient and take a coffee break. Next Lamington will compile and deploy the contracts before executing tests. If all this passes, it means the examples do what they say they do and your safe to copy them to your hearts content.


These examples expect a moderate understanding of the following languages

Language Version
JavaScript ES6 ES2016
TypeScript 3


Library Version
Lamington 1


Mitch Pierias, Creator & Developer

Kevin Brown, Developer

Special Thanks

A special thanks to Kevin Brown who volunteered to completely rewrite the series to conform with the latest CDT release version 1.6. Additionaly, Kevin developed and implemented a Truffle inspired tool suite called Lamington which simplifies deployment and testing into one command.

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