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Mina is the first cryptocurrency with a lightweight, constant-sized blockchain. This is the main source code repository for the Mina project. It contains code for the OCaml protocol implementation, website, and wallet. Enjoy!


  • Mina is still under active development, and APIs are still evolving. If you do build upon the APIs, be aware that breaking changes may occur.
  • There is a live testnet of the Mina protocol currently running - sign up here to join the testnet.

What is Mina?

Mina Walkthrough

Technical Papers



Read the Contributing Guide for information on how to make both technical and non-technical contributions.


The Developer docs contain all the information needed to begin contributing code to Mina, and using Mina APIs to build applications.

Quick Links:



This repository is distributed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license, available in the LICENSE file and online at Commits older than 2018-10-03 do not have a LICENSE file or this notice, but are distributed under the same terms.

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