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Check out BlueGraph-Samples for a starter project with a suite of different use cases and examples.

BlueGraph Preview

The core framework is built to be simple and extendable - supporting different workflows and requirements for different types of graphs.


  • Node-based visual editor built on top of Unity's modern UI framework
  • Strict data types for ports and safe cast support
  • Simple node development process through C# attributes on fields
  • Modular design - use features that you need or extend to add additional features

Getting Started

If you want to play around with different examples, check out the BlueGraph-Samples project.


Requires Unity version 2019.3 or above.

Installing with Unity Package Manager

In Package Manager click Add package from git URL and use the following:

You can also download one of the release versions and add that to your Packages directory.

Creating Graphs and Nodes

Check out Getting Started on the wiki.

Similar Projects

xNode is the original inspiration for this project and has a similar API.

Bolt is a general purpose scripting platform supported by Unity Technologies.

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