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Recreates Shadowplay's replay feature on Linux

  • compatible with Nvidia (nvenc), AMD (vaapi,amf/vce), Intel (quicksync) GPUs, as well as libx264.


  • Have FFMPEG installed

  • sudo pacman -S ffmpeg

  • Have Xbindkeys installed

  • sudo pacman -S xbindkeys

  • Have libnotify installed

  • sudo pacman -S libnotify


If you are using an Arch-based Linux distribution, shadowreplay is in the AUR, so you can install it using your preferred AUR helper.

Its package name is shadowreplay-git.

If you are on a Debian-based distro like Ubuntu or anything else, shadowreplay can be installed by running the install file after cloning this repo.

This will install the required dependencies on Arch and install the systemd user service.


Variables specific to your desired setup can be found in the example_config which is installed to $HOME/.config/shadowreplay


Keybind Setup

First, configure the key (or key combo) you want to use in order to save your replays.

  • For instructions on how to bind keys, check here

  • Consider making another bind for killing ShadowRePlay. (See below)

  • Bind a key to the command killall --user $USER --ignore-case --signal SIGTERM ffmpeg so it looks something like this:

# make F9 save ShadowRePlay replay

killall --user $USER --ignore-case --signal SIGTERM ffmpeg



# make F10 kill ShadowRePlay

killall -s1 ffmpeg


  • Start xbindkeys with xbindkeys -f ~/.xbindkeysrc, or reload it with killall -s1 xbindkeys if it's already running, for the new bind to take effect.


  • Run shadowreplay in a terminal

  • Press your configured hotkey to save the replay.


  • More flexible audio input support

  • Ability to downscale video output during recording

  • Dynamic video buffer size allocation based on resolution and FPS


Heavily inspired by Toqozz's script.

Thank you Tyler for answering my stupid questions while making this.

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