Maap Documentation

Maap Documentation


Documentation Status

This repository serves as the technical documentation for interfacing with the MAAP services.

Contributing to MAAP Documentation

MAAP documentation is hosted on, is built using Sphinx and written in reStructuredText. If you want to contribute to the documentation, you can do so by forking the repository, creating a branch for your changes and editing the documentation files in the docs directory of the repo.

This should be built using Python >=3.11.

OS-version of Pandoc is also required.

You need to install Sphinx and supporting packages locally so you can ensure that your edits display correctly before making a pull request to the repository. These steps must be performed locally since MAAP's ADE does not support running a server and likely will not in the future.

To install supporting packages, run the following command:

pip install -r requirements.txt

After installing the necessary packages you build the docs using the following command from the docs directory:

cd docs
make html

Once the docs have been built successfully, there should be a build/ directory with the HTML pages. To verify the pages look as expected run a local python server.

cd build/html
python3 -m http.server
# If you are not prompted open a web browser and go to http://localhost:8000/ (default)

Running Notebooks Locally

To run the documentation notebook code, you must make several configurations.

Install JupyterHub.

Install the maap-py library.

  1. Switch to your virtual environment that you wish to install in.
  2. pip install matplotlib==3.3.1
  3. Clone maap-py with git clone [email protected]:MAAP-Project/maap-py.git
  4. cd maap-py then python install