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Drupal3,83115438a month ago182June 03, 2020PHP
Verbatim mirror of the repository for Drupal core. Please see the PRs are not accepted on GitHub.
8 days ago12gpl-2.0PHP
Pressflow 7
10 months ago27August 27, 202086gpl-2.0Twig
A starter kit for using the prototyping tool, Pattern Lab, in tandem with a Drupal theme. Utilizes Webpack for all asset management.
Drupal8 Links288
6 years ago5
Drupal 8 links & resources
3 years ago2September 24, 201944gpl-2.0CSS
Open Framework Drupal Theme
33 years ago15December 15, 201847gpl-2.0JavaScript
DEPRECATED (see README for new version)
8 years ago7mitCSS
Bootstrap/HTML5 boilerpate based starter theme for Drupal 7.x
6 years ago2CSS
Drupal 8 theme
10 months ago14October 08, 202116mitJavaScript
Yeoman generator for Drupal Themes - lets you quickly set up a Drupal 8 theme with sensible defaults and best practices.
Drops 798
9 days ago19gpl-2.0PHP
Pantheon Upstream for Drupal 7 Sites
Alternatives To Windup
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![Gitter]( Chat.svg)

A starter theme for Drupal. It's pretty light. It's made to be cloned and then hacked, please don't use me as a base theme!

A Ruby Sass version of this theme can be found on the branch ruby-sass.


Make sure you have npm, bower and grunt-cli installed

$ brew install node
$ npm install -g grunt-cli
$ npm install -g bower

Then install the theme's dependencies

$ npm install
$ bower install

If the dependencies for a project change, you can update them with:

$ npm update
$ bower update

You can also enable sourcemaps and full tracebacks on error in Gruntfile.js

If you wish to rename windup to a different name (which you probably do), YMMV but you can try:

$ grep -rl windup * | xargs sed -i .bk 's/windup/mytheme/g'
$ rm *.bk

and then rename the files listed by

find . -not -path '*/.*/*' -not -name '.*' -name '*windup*'


Wire Dependencies and Compile Sass

$ grunt

Watch for changes

$ grunt watch

This task will automatically compile Sass when changes are detected in the .scss files.

If you're using grunt watch and click the LiveReload button, your browser will refresh automatically when Grunt spots a change to your sass files.


Windup uses Autoprefixer to automatically add browser prefixes to your css properties based on your configuration. By default, autoprefixer is set to support the last 3 versions of browsers, and IE9 and up. You can modify this within Gruntfile.js using the the syntax documented on the browserlist plugin page.

Wire Dependencies

$ grunt wiredep

This will wire the Bower components specified in bower.json into and _vendor.scss (See below).


This will add your externally obtained JavaScript and CSS, as well as all it's necessary dependencies, into

$ bower install <package> --save
$ grunt wiredep

Sass files will be added into scss/_vendor.scss

$ bower install susy --save
$ grunt wiredep

Where is a registered package, GitHub shorthand (e.g. " desandro/masonry"), Git endpoint (e.g. "git://") or a URL (e.g. ""). You can also edit bower.json directly.

Template Suggestions and Classes

Template suggestions across all core (Node, User, Taxonomy Term and Comment) and Entity API defined entity types have been normalised to the following:

<entity type>
<entity type>__view_mode__<view mode>
<entity_type>__<bundle>__<view mode>
<entity_type>__<entity id>
<entity_type>__<entity id>__<view mode>

There is one exception to this. The core user entity, uses "user-profile" as the entity type for template suggestions instead of "user".

The following classes can be found on all the above rendered entities:

<entity type> <entity type>-<id> type-<bundle> view-mode-<view mode>

Installing new Node.js modules

These are typically used for getting Grunt plugins. Either add to package.json or run:

$ npm install <module> --save-dev
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