cgit is a tiny git tool for Chinese developers. cgit can clone code from a mirror of GitHub.
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cgit is a wrapper of git.


  • Clone a repo from GitHub without the whole URL
  • GitHub proxy transparent support
  • Git command alias support


cgit can set a mirror address for you if it's very slow with fetching data from GitHub.

Run this command cgit mirror in your local git repository directory, it'll change the fetch address to Reversing it is very easy, just run command cigt mirror --enable=false.


brew install linuxsuren/linuxsuren/cgit

cgit is fully compatible with git. So you make an alias for it. Add the following line into you shell profile:

alias git='cgit'

For bash users, you edit it via: vim ~/.bashrc

For zsh users, you can edit via: vim ~/.zshrc

Get started


cgit clone linuxsuren/cgit

GitHub Proxy

Sometimes it's very slow when clone the code from GitHub. So cgit will clone it by a GitHub proxy.


Add a command alias: cgit alias set cm 'checkout master'

Use an alias: cgit cm

List all alias commands: cgit alias list


This project can be released via linuxsuren-versions.

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