A O(1) URL shortener microservice backed by redis and gRPC communication.
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Conductor9,78811517 hours ago327September 12, 2022114apache-2.0Java
Conductor is a microservices orchestration engine.
3 days ago81apache-2.0Go
The API traffic analyzer for Kubernetes providing real-time K8s protocol-level visibility, capturing and monitoring all traffic and payloads going in, out and across containers, pods, nodes and clusters.. Think TCPDump and Wireshark re-invented for Kubernetes
19 hours ago73June 30, 202212apache-2.0Go
Scalable real-time messaging server in a language-agnostic way. Set up once and forever.
7 months ago5
🚗 我个人曾经做过的技术分享...
Go Gin Api4,629
a month ago23November 28, 202128mitGo
基于 Gin 进行模块化设计的 API 框架,封装了常用功能,使用简单,致力于进行快速的业务研发。比如,支持 cors 跨域、jwt 签名验证、zap 日志收集、panic 异常捕获、trace 链路追踪、prometheus 监控指标、swagger 文档生成、viper 配置文件解析、gorm 数据库组件、gormgen 代码生成工具、graphql 查询语言、errno 统一定义错误码、gRPC 的使用、cron 定时任务 等等。
Surging3,1927303 months ago27April 21, 2019251mitC#
Surging is a micro-service engine that provides a lightweight, high-performance, modular RPC request pipeline. support Event-based Asynchronous Pattern and reactive programming ,The service engine supports http, TCP, WS,Grpc, Thrift,Mqtt, UDP, and DNS protocols. It uses ZooKeeper and Consul as a registry, and integrates it. Hash, random, polling, Fair Polling as a load balancing algorithm, built-in service governance to ensure reliable RPC communication, the engine contains Diagnostic, link tracking for protocol and middleware calls, and integration SkyWalking Distributed APM
3 months ago38January 05, 2022apache-2.0Go
Go 学习、Go 进阶、Go 实用工具类、Go DDD 项目落地、Go-kit 、Go-Micro 、Go 推送平台、微服务实践
Coolstore Microservices2,215
3 months ago25mitC#
A full-stack .NET microservices build on Dapr and Tye
a month ago4mitGo
18 hours ago70apache-2.0C++
The C++ Asynchronous Framework (beta)
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A high-throughput URL shortener microservice built with Go.

  • gRPC for communication
  • Redis store out of the box
  • Fast & simple


See start-dev.sh for a complete list of available environmental variables. To use in a docker container, we have an image here.

GET /{short-hash} -> 301 redirection

Dwarf will deliver a 301 redirection to the destination URL or redirect to the fallback URL specified with NOTFOUND_REDIRECT_URL.

Creating short links

You must communicate with dwarf via gRPC in order to generate new shortened URLs.

service Dwarf {
	rpc Create(CreateRequest) returns (CreateResponse) {}

message CreateRequest {
	repeated string urls = 1;

message CreateResponse {
	repeated string urls = 2;

Your response will return a set of shortened urls in the same order that they were sent:

// -> Request
{ "urls": ["http://long-url.com/1", "http://long-url.com/2"] }

// -> Response
{ "urls": ["http://sh.ort/Mp", "http://sh.ort/uJ"] }

A dwarf gRPC client written with node.js

To generate short urls, use a gRPC client such as this node client.


Redis Store

Spin up an instance of redis with:

docker run -p "6379:6379" --rm --name dwarf-redis redis:4-alpine


go test github.com/LevInteractive/dwarf/ -v

Note that the tests rely on a running redis instance.

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