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Solve LeetCode problems in VS Code

❗️ Attention ❗️- Workaround to login to LeetCode endpoint

Note: If you are using, you can just ignore this section.

Recently we observed that the extension cannot login to endpoint anymore. The root cause of this issue is that changed its login mechanism and so far there is no ideal way to fix that issue.

Thanks for @yihong0618 provided a workaround which can somehow mitigate this. Now you can simply click the Sign In button and then select Third Party login or Cookie login.

Note: If you want to use third-party login(Recommended), please make sure your account has been connected to the thrid-party. If you want to use Cookie login, click here to see the steps.


  • VS Code 1.30.1+
  • Node.js 10+

    NOTE: Please make sure that Node is in your PATH environment variable. You can also use the setting leetcode.nodePath to specify the location of your Node.js executable.

Quick Start



Sign In/Out

Sign in

  • Simply click Sign in to LeetCode in the LeetCode Explorer will let you sign in with your LeetCode account.

  • You can also use the following command to sign in/out:

    • LeetCode: Sign in
    • LeetCode: Sign out

Switch Endpoint

Switch Endpoint

  • By clicking the button btn_endpoint at the explorer's navigation bar, you can switch between different endpoints.

  • The supported endpoints are:


    Note: The accounts of different endpoints are not shared. Please make sure you are using the right endpoint. The extension will use by default.

Pick a Problem

Pick a Problem

  • Directly click on the problem or right click the problem in the LeetCode Explorer and select Preview Problem to see the problem description.

  • Select Show Problem to directly open the file with the problem description.

    Note:You can specify the path of the workspace folder to store the problem files by updating the setting leetcode.workspaceFolder. The default value is:$HOME/.leetcode/.

    You can specify whether including the problem description in comments or not by updating the setting leetcode.showCommentDescription.

    You can switch the default language by triggering the command: LeetCode: Switch Default Language.

Editor Shortcuts

Editor Shortcuts

  • The extension supports 5 editor shortcuts (aka Code Lens):

    • Submit: Submit your answer to LeetCode.
    • Test: Test your answer with customized test cases.
    • Star/Unstar: Star or unstar the current problem.
    • Solution: Show the top voted solution for the current problem.
    • Description: Show the problem description page.

    Note: You can customize the shortcuts using the setting: leetcode.editor.shortcuts. By default, only Submit and Test shortcuts are enabled.

Search problems by Keywords

Search problems by Keywords

  • By clicking the button btn_search at the explorer's navigation bar, you can search the problems by keywords.

Manage Session

Manage Session

  • To manage your LeetCode sessions, just clicking the LeetCode: *** at the bottom of the status bar. You can switch between sessions or create, delete a session.


Setting Name Description Default Value
leetcode.hideSolved Specify to hide the solved problems or not false
leetcode.showLocked Specify to show the locked problems or not. Only Premium users could open the locked problems false
leetcode.defaultLanguage Specify the default language used to solve the problem. Supported languages are: bash, c, cpp, csharp, golang, java, javascript, kotlin, mysql, php, python,python3,ruby,rust, scala, swift, typescript N/A
leetcode.useWsl Specify whether to use WSL or not false
leetcode.endpoint Specify the active endpoint. Supported endpoints are: leetcode, leetcode-cn leetcode
leetcode.workspaceFolder Specify the path of the workspace folder to store the problem files. ""
leetcode.filePath Specify the relative path under the workspace and the file name to save the problem files. More details can be found here.
leetcode.enableStatusBar Specify whether the LeetCode status bar will be shown or not. true
leetcode.editor.shortcuts Specify the customized shorcuts in editors. Supported values are: submit, test, star, solution and description. ["submit, test"]
leetcode.enableSideMode Specify whether preview, solution and submission tab should be grouped into the second editor column when solving a problem. true
leetcode.nodePath Specify the Node.js executable path. for example, C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.exe node
leetcode.showCommentDescription Specify whether to include the problem description in the comments false

Want Help?

When you meet any problem, you can check out the Troubleshooting and FAQ first.

If your problem still cannot be addressed, feel free to reach us in the Gitter Channel or file an issue.

Release Notes



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