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Easy VPN server


A docker container with an easy to install and use virtual private network server based on OpenVPN with login-password authentication method incorporated.


Just start the container and you are good to go. No configuration is required.

docker run --privileged --detach --tty --net=host --restart=always --name=ezvpn kolyunya/ezvpn

User accounts management

All users share the same client configuration retrieved from the server. No client certificates are required. You can manage user accounts using the following commands.

  • docker exec ezvpn ezvpn-user-add login password - create a user with the corresponding login and password.
  • docker exec ezvpn ezvpn-user-remove login - delete user with the corresponding login.

Client configuration getting

You can get client configuration using the following command docker exec ezvpn ezvpn-config-get.

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