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Plugins for airgeddon

Author: KeyofBlueS


License: GNU General Public License v3.0,


  • Captured-Handshakes (minimum airgeddon version: 10.30): Put Your captured handshakes files in a directory of Your choice, then choose one of them inside airgeddon itself. Default path is plugins/captured_handshakes/HANDSHAKES_FILES

  • Custom-Portals (minimum airgeddon version: 10.30): Put Your custom captive portal files in a directory of Your choice. Default path is plugins/custom_portals/PORTAL_FOLDER/PORTAL_FILES. You can have multiple PORTAL_FOLDER, then choose one of them inside airgeddon itself. Take a look at custom_portals/ for a custom captive portal example. After selecting the captive portal You can also enable the detection of passwords containing *&/?<> characters.

  • Default-Save-Path: Set the default directory for saving files. Default is plugins/output/

  • Regdomain (minimum airgeddon version: 10.30): Set regulatory domain to affect the availability of wireless channels and txpower. You can check the country codes database i.e. here

  • Smart-Twin (minimum airgeddon version: 10.30): Enable/Disable Evil Twin Access Point based on Target availability. Only work in Pursuit Mode. Disabling Evil Twin Access Point when the target network is no longer present (e.g. the attacked router is turned off) is useful to make the attack less suspicious.

  • Sort-Targets (minimum airgeddon version: 10.30): When selecting targets, sort them by one of the following value: bssid, channel, power, clients, essid, encryption, default. Also, this plug-in add the value "clients" (CLI) to the target selection list, so you can view the amount of clients connected to each Access Point. The more you leave the "Exploring for targets" window running, the more clients will be discovered.

  • UI-Boost (maximum airgeddon version: 10.11): Make a specifc language strings file instead of using the complete one, speeding up ui. The advantages of using this plugin is a more reactive ui (not needed in airgeddon >=10.20). Potentially this plugin could lower ram usage, useful in devices with limited ram memory e.g smartphones, tablets ecc..., but this is not possible with airgeddon as it is. I've discussed with airgeddon's developers to make it possible but sadly we'll not get this feature, so this plugin is deprecated for airgeddon >=10.20.


Simply put the .sh file of your choice in airgeddon's plugins folder. For more detailed instructions, please refer to airgeddon's documentations here


Some plugins can be configured, so please take a look at # USER CONFIG SECTION # inside the .sh file before use.


If You enjoyed my work and found it useful please give a Star and Watch to be notified on any new update. You can support the project by making a donation through Paypal. Any amount, not matter how small (1, 2, 5 $/€) is welcome.

and don't forget airgeddon too!

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