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A beautiful DateTimePicker.

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  • Xcode 6 or higher
  • iOS 7.0 or higher
  • ARC


Manual Install

All you need to do is drop HCDDateTimePicker files into your project, and add #include HCDDateTimePicker.h to the top of classes that will use it.


Change to the directory of your Xcode project:

$ cd /path/to/YourProject
$ touch Podfile
$ edit Podfile

Edit your project's Podfile and add the following:

pod 'HcdDateTimePicker'

Install into your Xcode project:

pod setup
pod install


HcdDateTimePickerView *dateTimePickerView = [[HcdDateTimePickerView alloc] initWithDatePickerMode:DatePickerDateMode defaultDateTime:[[NSDate alloc]initWithTimeIntervalSinceNow:0]];
dateTimePickerView.clickedOkBtn = ^(NSString * datetimeStr){
    NSLog(@"%@", datetimeStr);
[self.view addSubview:dateTimePickerView];
[dateTimePickerView showHcdDateTimePicker];


  • [x] DatePickerDateMode
  • [x] DatePickerTimeMode
  • [x] DatePickerDateTimeMode
  • [x] DatePickerYearMonthMode
  • [x] DatePickerMonthDayMode
  • [x] DatePickerHourMinuteMode
  • [x] DatePickerDateHourMinuteMode

Contact me

If you find some bugs or you have some suggest, please contact me or post me an issue.Thank you!

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