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Test Drive

Swift 4.1 Marathon SPM @johnsundell

With Test Drive, you can quickly try out any Swift pod or framework in a playground. Simply run testdrive followed by the name of a pod, or the URL to a Git repository, and you will have a playground generated for you in no time!


  • [X] Quickly try out a pod/framework without having to modify your project.
  • [X] Try out multiple pods/frameworks at once - ideal when comparing similar ones.
  • [X] Supports iOS, macOS & tvOS.


Take a pod for a test drive:

$ testdrive Unbox

Take a framework from a Git URL for a test drive:

$ testdrive [email protected]:johnsundell/files.git

Take multiple pods at once for a test drive:

$ testdrive Unbox Wrap

Take a test drive on a specific platform (iOS is the default):

$ testdrive Unbox -p tvOS

Use a specific version or branch for your test drive (the latest version is used by default):

$ testdrive Unbox -v 2.3.0
$ testdrive Unbox -v swift3
$ testdrive Wrap --master


The easiest way to install Test Drive is using Marathon:

$ marathon install johnsundell/testdrive

You can also install it using the Swift Package Manager:

$ git clone
$ cd TestDrive
$ swift build -c release
$ cp -f .build/release/TestDrive /usr/local/bin/testdrive

Issues + support

I spend almost all of my available time building tools, content and learning materials for the Swift community all of which are available to everyone, for free. However, since Im just one person, I do have to prioritize what I spend my time on and one thing Im currently not able to offer is 1:1 support for open source projects. Thats why this repository has Issues disabled. Its not because I dont want to help, I really do, Im just simply not able to.

So before you start using this tool, I recommend that you spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with its internals (its all normal Swift code), so that youll be able to self-service on any issues or edge cases you might encounter.

Thanks for understanding, and I hope youll enjoy TestDrive!

  • John*

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