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A Pytorch implementation of Pyramid Attention Networks for Semantic Segmentation from 2018 paper by Hanchao Li, Pengfei Xiong, Jie An, Lingxue Wang. image


  • Env: Python3.6, Pytorch1.0-preview
  • Clone this repository.
  • Download the dataset by following the instructions below.

VOC2012 Dataset

The overall dataset is augmented by Semantic Boundaries Dataset, resulting in training data 10582 and test data 1449.

After preparing the data, please change the directory below for training.

training_data = Voc2012('/home/tom/DISK/DISK2/jian/PASCAL/VOC2012', 'train_aug', transform=train_transforms)
test_data = Voc2012('/home/tom/DISK/DISK2/jian/PASCAL/VOC2012', 'val',transform=test_transforms)



Pixel acc mIOU
93.19% 78.498%

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