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📣 Summary

Everything you love about plus:

✅ Edit Transforms in your IDE.
✅ Organise them into Modules.
✅ Hot Reloading.
✅ Work Offline.

📸 Screenshot

🌩 Installation

npm install -g

🕹 Usage

Run astexplorer from the Command Line to launch the App.

When using the UI:

  1. Mouse over the Transform Menu at the top of AST Explorer.
  2. Select jscodeshift, babelv7, typescript etc.
  3. Find and open your Transform Script on your machine.
  4. Paste some code to transform in the top left panel.
  5. Edit your Transform Script in your IDE.
  6. Changes will be reloaded automatically in AST Explorer.
  7. Organise your transform using JavaScript Modules and they will be bundled together and loaded into AST Explorer automatically.

🙋🏿‍♂️ Getting Help

Get help with issues by creating a Bug Report or discuss ideas by opening a Feature Request.

👀 Other Projects

If you find my Open Source projects useful, please share them ❤️

🤓 Author

I'm Jamie Mason from Leeds in England, I began Web Design and Development in 1999 and have been Contracting and offering Consultancy as Fold Left Ltd since 2012. Who I've worked with includes Sky Sports, Sky Bet, Sky Poker, The Premier League, William Hill, Shell, Betfair, and Football Clubs including Leeds United, Spurs, West Ham, Arsenal, and more.

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