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Provide seamless components styling to material-ui with enhanced features. Permits passing props to material UI style


Material-ui 1.0 is a great react library, but its css to jss styling could be enhanced.

Drawback of the styling provided by material-ui

  • doesn't support props
  • Styles are applied globally resulting to a lot of warning for the styles not maching the processed component

The solutions until now to resolve these problems

Some suggest to use styled libraries like styled-component, glamorous, emotion, ... to resove these problems

They resolve it, but two new problems arrive:

  • stylesheet priorisation problem.
  • two css engines on the system which provide more complexity for the app

A new small styled libray

So I decided to develop a library with the following objective:

  • use material-ui styling system, so compatibiity is 100%
  • more component oriented
  • provide props

A little sample

without props

import style from 'jss-material-ui'

// a container style
const ContainerRoot = style(Paper)({
  root: {
    width: '100%',
    marginTop: 3,
    overflowX: 'auto'

// container use
<ContainerRoot />

The first style is applied to the corresponding styled component.

Its name is generally root. Permits to avoid material-ui warning message. If you don't have style to pass to the component, you can write

root: {}

with props

import style from 'jss-material-ui'
import TableCell from '@material-ui/core/TableCell'

const CaloriesCell = style(TableCell)((theme, {calories}) => ({
  root: {
    fontWeight: calories > 300 ? 700 : undefined,
    backgroundColor: calories > 300 ? '#ff0000' : calories < 160 ? '#00FF00' : undefined

// use
<CaloriesCell calories={n.calories} numeric>{n.calories}</CaloriesCell>


Custom props

Its also possible to use custom props

style(TableCell, {
   ((theme, {calories})

Class inherithance

If a child B of a component A has for className :

   <B className={classes.classB} />

Its possible to write that:

const SA = style(A)((theme, props) => ({
  root: {
  classB: {

The style specified in the classB object will be applied to B class component. Check stories/SimpleTableInherit.js


To acces the DOM element of the component, use sref in place of ref

See the storybook Ref example

more samples

Check ./stories directory for complete samples files.

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