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1.8 to 1.19.3 compatible Minecraft-/Spigot-Plugin to allow automatic chest and inventory sorting.

Download & more information

Please see the related topic at for information regarding the commands, permissions and download links:

Maven repository

If you want to use ChestSort as dependency for your own plugin, you can use our public maven repository. More information can be found in the API documentation.

Building .jar file

To build the .jar file, you will need maven. Also, the CrackShot library is in no public repository, so please create a directory called lib and put the latest CrackShot.jar file (available here) inside it. (Not required as of ChestSort 9.6.0+)


If you want to use ChestSort's advanced sorting features for your own plugin, you can use the ChestSort API. It provides methods to sort any given inventory, following the rules you have specified in your ChestSort's plugin.yml and the corresponding category files.

More information about the API can be found HERE.

Technical stuff

ChestSort takes an instance of org.bukkit.inventory.Inventory and copies the contents. The resulting array is sorted by rules defined in the config.yml. This takes far less than one millisecond for a whole chest. So there should be no problems even on big servers, where hundreds of players are using chests at the same time. The plugin should cause no lag at all.

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