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Google Assistant for Desktop

Google Assistant for Desktop is an cross-platform assistant powered by the Google Assistant SDK, it has support for the official HTML5 screen output.

Screenshot of Google Assistant Desktop Client


  • Google Assistant SDK v1alpha2
  • 'Transparent' HTML5 screen output overlay
  • Develop your own commands, trigger ask(question) // Promise or say(query) functions to let the assistant do whatever you want.
  • Build in basic Spotify Web API support as a demo.


Since hotword integration is not included yet, I've included a shortcut that triggers the assistant:

  • Windows: Ctrl+Alt+A
  • Mac OS: Control+Option+A

You'll hear a sound when you can start speaking almost instantly.


This assistant desktop app is made for developers and hackers alike who like to play around with the SDK's and software. It will probably never be released as a stand-alone app that you can download since Google will probably never give us production API keys for a desktop client.


  • Update README configuration steps for key generation and creating basic commands yourself.


There's a couple of things that need to be done in order to run this application properly.

First of all you need your own Google Cloud account, since the Google Assistant SDK is still in alpha, google allows only 500 api calls everyday, the trial version will suffice since the Google Assistant SDK is still in alpha.

Follow the steps on this page;

After you've got your client_secret_<client-id>.json file rename it to client_secret.json and put it in the src/renderer folder.

Build Setup

# install dependencies
npm install # Install dev mode
npm start #

Used Libraries / Boilerplates

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