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WARNING: This repository is no longer maintained ⚠️

The generated content is now available in our Swift static application.

This repository will not be updated. The repository will be kept available in read-only mode.


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This module is a Yeoman generator for creating REST webservices based on the Kitura web framework with the Swift language.

This generator and the Yeoman library runs on Node.js and generates a Swift 5.0 application.


  1. Prerequisites
  2. Installation
  3. Usage
  4. Generated Artifacts
  5. Development
  6. Testing
  7. Contributing


To use this module, you will need Node.js and Swift 5.0 installed on your Linux or macOS system. You can get Node.js from and Swift 5.0 from

You will also need the Yeoman command line utility yo installed in your global Node.js module directory.

To install yo, run:

npm install -g yo


To install generator-swiftserver, run:

npm install -g generator-swiftserver


To create a Swift Server Generator project with no models defined, run:

yo swiftserver

To add a data model to your generated project, cd to the new project directory and run:

yo swiftserver:<model>

For more information on data models, check out this guide on


You can also change how generator-swiftserver is invoked by choosing options:

yo swiftserver [options]
Option Type Description
--init n/a Generate basic default scaffold without prompting user for input.
--skip-build n/a Skip building the generated application
--single-shot n/a Creates application without including generator metadata files
--bluemix Json Invoke generator-swiftserver using a bluemix json object
--name String Project name
--type String Give a specific type of application to generate. (web, bff, scaffold, crud)
--metrics Boolean Generate embedded metrics dashboard for project
--docker Boolean Generate Dockerfile for project
--healthcheck Boolean Add health checking to project
--openapi Boolean Add Kitura-OpenAPI to project
--spec Json Invoke generator-swiftserver using a spec json object


To run the generated server, use: <project-dir>/.build/debug/<app-name>

Generated Artifacts

File Purpose
Dockerfile Configuration file for the run container
Dockerfile-tools Configuration file for the tools container
LICENSE License for generated project
Package.resolved Results of dependency resolution from Swift Package Manager
Package.swift Swift file containing dependencies and targets for project Instructions for building, running, and deploying the project
Sources/* Folder containing project source files
Tests/* Folder containing project test files
chart/* Folder containing Kubernetes Helm Chart files for project
cli-config.yml Yaml file containing mappings for various commands, files, and settings, utilized by the cli commands
manifest.yml Yaml file containing various information for deployment to IBM Cloud
spec.json JSON file containing information about the project, used to generate the project
myProjectName.xcodeproj Generated xcodeproj for project


To get started with development, simply clone this repository and link it via npm:

git clone
cd generator-swiftserver
npm link


To run the unit tests, run:

npm test


To contribute, you will need to fork the repository or branch off the develop branch.

Make sure to follow the conventional commit specification when contributing.

Once you are finished with your changes, run npm test to make sure all tests pass. Then, create a pull request against develop, and a team member will review and merge your pull request.

Once the pull request is merged, an auto generated pull request will be created against master to update the changelog and increase the versioning. After the auto-generated pull request has been merged to master, the version will be bumped and published to npm.

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