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Test your Reflexes!
A simple mobile game built with Flutter, Provider and BLoC pattern

Key Features

  • Three different play modes!
    • Visual mode: tap when the screen color changes to green
    • Vibrate mode: tap when your phone vibrates
    • Sound mode: tap when you hear a laser sound
  • Beat your highscore, get better!
    • Highscore system, accessible through homepage's drawer
    • Highscore time measured in seconds for each mode individually
  • Saving your highscore for later plays!
    • Storing highscore objects in shared preference
    • Highscore list retrieval upon application launch
    • JSON encoding and decoding
  • Beautiful animations!
    • Dedicated Flare animations for each game mode
    • Dedicated Flare animation for personal stats

Features to be Implemented

  • Online rankings for each mode
  • Competitive mode

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