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Experimental and niche plugins for UCR

Using these plugins

  1. Download a release from the releases page
    DO NOT use the green "Clone or Download" button on the main page!
  2. Right-click the zip archive, select properties, then tick the "Unblock" checkbox if it exists
  3. Extract the .dll files within to the UCR plugins folder (Plugins\UCR.Plugins)

Experimental Core Plugins


Joystick to Mouse.
Known unstable. Keep profile GUI minimized while using to reduce CPU usage


Mouse to Joystick.
Known unstable. Keep profile GUI minimized while using to reduce CPU usage


Long Press version of ButtonToButton

Niche Plugins


Allows you to define a position in X/Y space that triggers a button.
Intended for use with eg rose selection menus, virtual H shifters etc.


Rotates a joystick by a certain number of degrees.
This is to try and counter the issue using console controller thumbsticks where your thumb axis does not line up with the stick axis, typically resulting in you inputting up-right when you meant to input up.


Allows you to set the center point of a stick on the fly.
Has two axis inputs, plus a "Trim" button and a "Reset Trim" button.
At the instant you press the trim button, the current stick position is recorded.
Upon release of the trim button, this trim is applied to the stick.
Subsequent trims will alter the existing trim setting.
The Reset button removes all trim.
Requested by hon0 in Discord.


Allows you to map one axis to another in "Cumulative" mode.
When you move the input axis, the amount of deflection determines how quickly the output axis moves in that direction.
Useful, for example, if you wish to use a stick which springs back to center to control a throttle.
Requested by Spadino


Used if you have a throttle / pedal like input device, but the game uses one axis for forward / reverse (Mid point is stop, max is forwards, min is reverse).
On press of a button, the throttle switches between the following modes:
Normal: Minimum throttle is stop, push throttle forward to move forwards
Reverse: Minimum throttle is stop, push throttle forward to move backwards


This emulates BetaFlight's "FPV Angle Mix" feature.
First Person View (FPV) racing / freestyle quadcopters typically have their camera tilted up, so that when flying forwards (nose down), you can still see where you are going. This, however, impacts roll and yaw inputs as these inputs are relative to the craft, not to the camera view - such that, for example, at 90 degrees of camera up-tilt, roll becomes yaw and yaw becomes roll (From the perspective of the camera).
The FPV Angle Mix of BetaFlight corrects for this by converting roll input to yaw input and vice versa, as needed, to ensure that stick input is relative to the camera.
However, most simulators do not support this feature, so this plugin simulates it

Developer Notes


The _Build project references UCR.Core.dll and when built, copies it into it's solution folder.
All the plugins then reference that DLL, so that if you wish to target a different UCR.Core.dll, you only have to change it in one place.
If you clone this repo to the same parent folder as the UCR repo, then the reference in _Build should just work (As it uses ..\..)

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