Webpack React Boilerplate

Minimal React 16 and Webpack 4 boilerplate with babel 7, using the new webpack-dev-server, react-hot-loader, CSS-Modules
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Alternatives To Webpack React Boilerplate
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Minimal React and Webpack 4 boilerplate with babel

dependencies dependencies

Minimal webpack and react boilerplate using latest version of react and babel as well as jest and enzyme for more details about technologies used. click with real time server changes ;)

check out Medium article for more details

Real time change

Table of contents

Project structure



Technologies used

Project structure

|- index.jsx _______________________________ # Application entry
|- App.jsx _________________________________ # Application init
|  |- Components/
|    |- hello-world/
|       |- index.jsx _______________________ # Sample component

|- paths.js ________________________________ # webpack paths needed
|- webpack.common.js _______________________ # common webpack config
|- webpack.dev.js __________________________ # development config
|- webpack.prod.js _________________________ # production config


1- Clone the boilerplate repo

git clone [email protected]:HashemKhalifa/webpack-react-boilerplate.git

2- yarn or npm install to install npm packages

3- start dev server using yarn start or npm start.

3- build and bundling your resources for production yarn build.

4- Unit testing will watch all your changes in the test files as well as create coverage folder for you. yarn test


  • Webpack Config paths based on your file structure you can go to webpack/paths.js and modify the source and file names based on your need.
  • webpack/webpack.common.js config common webpack for both dev and production environments.
  • webpack/webpack.dev.js config webpack for dev environment.
  • webpack/webpack.prod.js config webpack for production environment.
  • /webpack.config.js main webpack config that merge common and webpack environment based config.
  • Enzyme config /setupTest.js here you will have all setup for enzyme to test your component.
  • Prettier config /.prettierc.
  • Browsers list config /.browserslistrc.

Technologies used

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