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Twitter bridge for Matrix.

Using master is discouraged right now. Please use the develop branch until a release is made.

Please visit this page for a prettier introduction.

See for dev discussion and help.


  • NodeJS
  • A twitter account
    • A phone number (Twitter requires this to generate application tokens)


  • Current (alpha-like quality)
    • Read and follow a users timeline
    • Send tweets to yourself and other users
    • Follow hashtags
    • Direct Messaging
    • Read your own timeline
  • To be completed
    • Reply to specific tweets


(We expect you to be running a standard synapse setup for these instructions)

Clone this repo and install the npm dependencies as usual

git clone
npm install

You will need a twitter application authentication token and secret to continue.

Go to and create a new app. If you follow the tedious setup all the way through you should be given all you need to fill in a config.yaml file. Copy config.sample.yaml and fill in the blanks before saving as config.yaml.

Next, we need to generate the appropriate registration config so that synapse can interface with the bridge.

node twitter-as.js -r -u "URL"

The URL should be replaced by the domain/ip and port of the bridge. In this case you can usually leave it as http://localhost:9000 if you plan to run it on the same server as synapse and will be keeping the default port.

Copy/symlink the generated registration file to your synapse directory and finally edit your homeserver.yaml file for synapse so that the bridge is registered. This means changing app_service_config_files and inserting the name of your config file into the list. It should look similar to this:

app_service_config_files: ["twitter-registration.yaml"]

You can restart synapse after this.


Simply run node twitter-as.js -p 9000 -c config.yaml from the repo directory.

The bridge should authenticate and be ready for use.


Linking your Twitter account to your Matrix user.

Linking is not required for reading timelines/hashtags, but interactions must be completed under your own account.

  • Create a room and invite @twitbot:yourdomain.
  • Send the message link account
  • Follow the URL and instructions. Copy the PIN code
  • Enter the pin code directly into the room and your account should be linked up.

User Timelines

Simply join @[email protected]:yourdomain to read a users timeline. Protected timelines are currently not available.

Accounts which are bridged (Twitter<->Matrix) will be able to send tweets to these timelines (you do not need to put the @screen_name, it is done automatically)


Join @twitter_#hashtaggoeshere to follow a particular hashtag.

Accounts which are bridged (Twitter<->Matrix) will be able to send tweets which will automatically apply this tag.

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