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This is a PHP based Margin Lending Management Bot for the Bitfinex API.


This bot is designed to manage 1 or more bitfinex accounts, doing its best to keep any money in the "depost" wallet lent out at the highest rate possible while avoiding long periods of pending loans (as often happens when using the Flash Return Rate, or some other arbitrary rate). There are numerous options and setting to tailor the bot to your requirements.

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You can find lots more info and discussion right here: Also, for anyone coming from there, take this as proof that HowardF = HowardF3 = Me = MarginBot Developer


Download the most current version, unzip to a folder on your server, then browse to that folder. An install script will run you through the rest of the process.

Note: If you get the following error during install:

PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected ''America/Los_Angeles\\');' (T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING), expecting identifier (T_STRING) in /var/www/html/web/install.php on line 92

you most likely have your PHP configured without short_open_tag = on. Make sure to set

short_open_tag = on

Update from an older Version

Important - Make sure to backup your existing inc/config.php file FIRST

To update, make a backup of your inc/config.php file, then download the most current version. Unzip the files and overwrite your existing install.

Then overwrite the default config.php file with your backed up version. Visit the site, and you'll be redirected to an update system. If you are not correctly redirected, just visit /MarginBot/update.php


A live webserver running

  • PHP 5.1+
  • MySQL
  • Access to add a cronjob
  • A Bitfinex Account with API Access (Set Up Here)
  • At least $50 in your Bitfinex "Deposit" wallet. Preferably $100 or more. ( Note: This is a bitfinex requirement, not a bot requirement. Bitfinex doesn't allow Margin Loans of less than $50. )

If you don't have a bitfinex account, please consider using my affiliate code when signing up. By doing so, you'll save 10% on all fees for the first month, and it will help support further development of this code.

Project Development Thread on Bitointalk

MarginBot - A Bitfinex Margin Lending Management Bot


Developing this software, and testing the various strategies for lending that led to its development have taken significant time and effort. If you find this software useful, please send a small donation our way. All donations support the continued development of this software, and help to cover my distribution and support costs.

You can send donations to:

Bitcoin: 1A3y1xDXtyZySmPZySbpz7PPog4Vsyqig1


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