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GPU Sorting Algorithms in OpenCL

This is the result of a freestyle assignment for a GPU-Computing class at KIT in Summer 2016. Some of the source code (mostly the common code folder) was provided. I coded the sorting algorithms mergesort, bitonic mergesort and a bubble sort sorting network for OpenCL- Also there is a implementation of mergesort on CPU for comparison. See for Kernel-Code, CSortTask.cpp for most of the host code and CSortingMain.cpp for changing local work size and array size.

Standard Mergesort for GPU

Mostly not recommended because it does not benefit that well from parallelization. With bigger array size the graphics card will eventually run out of memory.

Bubble Sort Sorting Network

Called Simple Sorting Network (SSN) in Code. Not recommended because it is inefficient and slow.

Bitonic Mergesort

Recommended sorting variant of these three. Is fast and benefits well from parallelization.

How to Build

Best way is to use cmake with the Code folder as source folder. Use a 64-Bit compiler as otherwise bigger array sizes won't work.


All measurements with randomly generated arrays of the given size. Times are in milliseconds. The CPU variant for comparison is a self written mergesort implementation that generally runs faster than std::sort.

Size CPU Mergesort SSN bitonic Mergesort
. Time Time Speedup Time Speedup Time Speedup
4 * 1024 0.313 2.365 0.132 0.996 0.314 0.434 0.721
64 * 1024 6.906 36.999 0.187 48.628 0.142 0.872 7.719
256 * 1024 28.498 177.689 0.160 703.28 0.041 2.018 14.122
2 * 1024 * 1024 253.282 1450.660 0.175 - - 24.680 10.262
64 *1024 * 1024 8861.330 - - - - 1192.820 7.429

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