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Autoenum is a recon tool which performs automatic enumeration of services discovered. I built this to save some time during CTFs and pen testing environments (i.e. HTB, VulnHub, OSCP) and draws a bit from a number of existing tools including AutoRecon (, Auto-Recon (, and nmapautomator ( Could also be used in a real-life pentesting engagment. Currently has only been tested in kali. If you notice a bug or have a feature request not in to-do, please submit an issue or let know some other way(discord preferred). Thanks and enjoy autoenum!

How it Works

Autoenum first runs 2 nmap scans in tandem, one scan looks specifically for service versions to run against searchsploit and the other is a scan dependent on the argument. Every scan profile checks for services running, the type of scan is the only difference. After the scans are finished, the services/ports open and operating systems along with script output (if avaliable) is extracted and further analyzed. If a certain service is found, Autoenum will begin enumerating by firing off a number of tools and create a dir for that service (i.e detecting http starts up nikto, wafw00f, gobuster, and others). If a dependency required is not detected, that dependency will be auto installed and checked if there is a new update everytime the tool is run. Autoenum outputs this information in 2 main sections(scan type and loot dirs) with sub directories branching off depending on what is found.


git clone
chmod +x autoenum/

What's new

Version 1.1

  • First version, HTTP and SMB enumeration added as well as functionalized mess of code it was before
  • Aggressive scan added, included nmap-to-searchsploit scan for version exploit searching
  • Added getopts for argument parsing to replace patchwork position-based conditionals

Version 1.2

  • Added help menu and logic to detect dependencies
  • Fixed terminal breaking issue (kinda, open to ideas if there is anything better than clearing terminal output).

Version 1.3

  • Fixed simultaneous scan issue so that both scans fire at the same time now and have a few tools for certain service enumerations to run in background as others stay in foreground to save time

Version 1.4

  • Added enumeration for various services including LDAP, SNMP, SMTP, oracle and FTP and banner
  • Added file containing all commands run in case a command failed
  • installs tools not detected and checks if all are up-to-date

Version 1.4.1

  • fixed searchsploit encoding issue where parts were being displayed as encoded when read from a text editor

Version 2.0

  • Autoenum now runs as a console tool similar to msfconsole.

Version 2.0.1

  • persistent shell command

Version 2.1

  • imap, mysql,redis enumeration

Version 3.0

  • Polished UI
  • Cleaned up shell util errors and fixed escape keywords
  • Added more scan options:
    • top 1k scan
    • top 10k scan
    • UDP scan
  • Added Combination scans (vuln scan can be added onto any other scan)
  • Added Auxilary scans:
    • Quick scan added
    • Vuln scan added
  • Fixed update throwing errors issue
  • Now supports URLs and FQDNs
  • Verifies the IP entered is a valid one
  • aggr + reg scans now scan top 1k ports first
  • Performs basic OS detecting using ttl
  • searchsploit output is now sent to a JSON file for easy viewing
  • nfs enum now attempts to mount discovered nfs shares
  • Fixed http multiple ports not being detected issue

Version 3.0.1

  • Removed ports 47001 and 5985 from ports list to prevent them from being run through http enum
  • added -nr flag when starting autoenum to set autoenum to not attempt to resolve an IP passed (this is good if a machine is blocking pings but we know its up)
    • Usage: ./autoenum -nr


Your OS may or may not have some installed by default. Not to worry, autoenum recognizes tools not installed and installs them for you, even updating if they aren't up-to-date!

  • nmap
  • nikto
  • gobuster
  • whatweb
  • onesixtyone
  • snmp-check
  • snmpwalk
  • fierce
  • dnsenum
  • dnsrecon
  • sslscan
  • uniscan
  • snmp-user-enum
  • oscanner
  • wafw00f
  • odat
  • searchsploit
  • rpcbind
  • tput
  • jq
  • wpscan




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