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viznet - a network visualization toolbox

viznet is designed for visualizing networks composed of nodes and edges, e.g. tensor networks, neural networks and quantum circuits.

It is based on and compatible with matplotlib. The theme brush (for both node and edge) makes the design itself interesting, getting you free from fine tuning the node and wire parameters for hours.

To Install

    $ pip install viznet

or for the latest version

    $ git clone
    $ cd viznet
    $ pip install -r requirements.txt
    $ python install

To Run Examples

    $ cd viznet
    $ python apps/nn/      # example on neural network
    $ python apps/tn/    # example on tensor network
    $ python apps/qc/     # example on quantum circuit

you will get something like

Boltzmann Machine TEBD
Quantum Circuit Graph Theory

The theme for neural network follows from Neural Network Zoo Page,

The theme for quantum circuits follows from ProjectQ.


The first release of viznet (v0.1) was developed by Jin-Guo Liu in the group of Lei Wang at IOP China.


  • Go through notebook docs/viznet_basic.ipynb (online) as a quick introduction
  • Click here to read the docs!

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