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QuickShop is a shop plugin, that allows players to sell items from a chest with no commands. It allows players to purchase any number of items easily. In fact, this plugin doesn't even have any commands that a player would ever need! QuickShop-Reremake is a fork for QuickShop NotLikeMe, QuickShop-Reremake has more features and bug fixes.
QuickShop-Reremake makes by PotatoCraft Studio from upstream repo.


Open a new issue here:


  • Easy to use
  • Togglable Display Item on top of the chest
  • NBT Data, Enchants, Tool Damage, Potion, and Mob Egg support
  • Unlimited chest support
  • Blacklist support & bypass permissions
  • Shops that buy items and sell items at the same time are possible (Using double chests)
  • Checks a player can open a chest before letting them create a shop!
  • UUID support
  • More shop protection! [Reremake]
  • Item display name i18n! [Reremake]
  • Enchantment display name i18n! [Reremake]
  • A cool item preview [Reremake]
  • Friendly for the region and world protect plugin [Reremake]
  • ProtocolLib based Virtual DisplayItem support [Reremake]
  • Powerful API [Reremake]
  • Optimized performance [Reremake]


Github projects have a "releases" link on their home page. If you still don't see it, click here for QuickShop-Reremake stable release.
Or use our Jenkins for snapshot builds.



If you're a developer, you can contribute to the QuickShop code! Just make a fork and install Lombok plugin, then make a pull request when you're done! Please try to follow Google Java Style. Also do not increase the plugin version number. Thank you very much!





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