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Awesome Open Source


List of the best fonts for coding with live preview


  • Live preview of all fonts with your code samples
  • Select specific fonts to compare
  • Choose editor themes
  • Choose your language for syntax highlights

Built with

  • Gatsby
  • Code Mirror editor
  • Ant Design
  • Inspired by (code stolen from)
  • Hosted on Netlify

Missing a font?

You can open an issue to request adding a new font or open a PR by adding the font under src/data/fonts.ts and static/fonts

  • Include only woff2 (smaller download size). Use font squirrel with basic settings for conversion if needed
  • Using a font from an official, reliable CDN is preferred. If not available, then add it in static/fonts.
  • Use sort: 2 for fonts with ligatures, sort: 3 for others
  • Do not change other files or file formatting apart from adding the new font

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