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Make Pro 2d Games with Godot Open Source A-RPG Demo

Banner for the project, showing the player facing the game's boss, the blue wild boar

This is the full source code with all the system produced for the Make Professional 2d Games with Godot course.

The game's boss, the Wild Boar

This game demo tries to show good Godot programming practices to support a growing game project. It has multiple interlocking systems, the core gameplay loop in place, a boss encounter, an inventory and shop systems, user interface with nested menus...

Grasslands with the two monsters available in the game, the mosquito and the porcupine


The entire source code is available under the MIT licence and everyone is welcome to contribute! Better art, gameplay improvements, code re-factoring, and more

All the techniques I used to build this project are in our intermediate-level Godot course on Gumroad. If you're interested in getting it, be aware it's not 100% step-by-step.

If you have requests for tutorials from elements of that game demo, please feel free to ask on Twitter! I will not redo what's in the course but I'll gladly make extra videos that would benefit everyone!

This is our first open game on GDQuest. We are looking to build more Free games and game creation tools in the future. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to know when that happens


The project runs in Godot 3.1.


Here's a list of the gameplay features and a few of the systems you will find in the demo


  • A player that can walk, jump, and do a three hit combo with a sword
  • Two monsters with steering based movement
  • Boss with 3 phases, drops random stacks of coins upon dying
  • Items, and inventory, and a shop that will cover your basics for an RPG game

Core systems

  • LevelLoader, to load maps cleanly, keep the player's data around
  • Save and load system
  • Game node to handle pause and initialize the game at the start
  • Shader to animate the transition between levels

User interface

  • An inventory menu and a shop menu where you can buy and sell items between two characters
  • A pause menu with sound options
  • A system to create life bars that hook onto monsters and follow them in the game world, but that are still managed by the UI system
  • The animated player life bar (tutorial)
  • Animated boss light bar that appears when the boss spans

Visual effects

  • Layered particle systems like explosions, bursting fire, rock sparkles, dust
  • Beautiful noise-based fog thanks to Gonkee

A few misc extras

  • Modular hit box and damage source system to create ranged and melee weapons
  • Stats node to manage the player and the monsters' health
  • Gaps the player can fall into


You can find our contributor's guides here:

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