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A curated list of grid(table) libraries and resources that developers may find useful.
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Alternatives To Awesome Grid
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Awesome Grid

A curated list of data grid/table libraries and resources that developers may find useful. This list focuses on JavaScript-based data grid libraries and not CSS-based grid systems for page layout. The list is ordered alphabetically by category.


Table of Contents


  • ag-grid - Serious data grid solution for Enterprise. It supports major javascript frameworks:
    Angular 1, Angular2, Aurelia, React, VueJs, Web Components.
    It has both free and commercial licences. Free is limited on features.
  • Bryntum Grid - Features rich data grid component from the former Sencha team.
  • FancyGrid - JavaScript grid library with charts integration and server communication.
    There is a big form module.
    It supports major javascript frameworks:
    Angular, jQuery, React, VueJs, Web Components.
  • FXB Grid - Mobile-friendly and super-fast Javascript grid, with no dependencies. Comprehensive documentation and example code.
  • Grid.js - Table plugin written in TypeScript. It has integrations with React, Vue, Angular and jQuery. It extends native HTML table. It does not provide many modern Enterprise grid features.
  • Handsontable - JavaScript Spreadsheet excel-like table.
    It supports major javascript frameworks: Angular, React, VueJs, Web Components.
  • KoolGrid - JavaScript Grid library. There are many features, declarative syntax.
  • RealGrid - Professional grid library on Canvas aimed at Enterprise level but almost all documentation is written in Korean.
  • RevoGrid - Free spreadsheet grid implementation as webcomponent. Handles millions of rows and columns fast and efficiently. Works in any major framework (VueJs, React, Ember, Angular) or with no framework at all.
  • SpreadJS - JavaScript Spreadsheet, Grid and Data Presentation Components. There is a .NET version.
    SpreadJS is a serious product but the documentation and samples organization is complex.
  • Tabulator - Free JavaScript Table library with many features. It has integrations with Angular, React and Vue.

Specific Libraries


  • appendGrid - The dynamic table input jQuery plugin. It has basic features. The design looks old.
  • DataTables - Easy to use library. It is the number one grid solution on jQuery.
  • Dynatable - It has basic features. Last update in 2014!
  • Frappe DataTable - A simple, modern and interactive datatable library on es6. Current version is full of small bugs.
  • jExcel - jExcel is is a very light jquery plugin to embed a spreadsheet, compatible with Excel, in your browser. You can load data straight to a jExcel table from a JS array, json or even a CSV file.
  • jsGrid - Light grid library with basic grid features.
    The author is a former core architect of DevExpress.
  • jqGrid - Variety of grid features.
  • jTable - All main features and a focus on CRUD operations.
  • MiniUI - A collection of widgets. There are some basic grid features. There are PHP, Java and .NET versions. All documentation is in Chinese.
  • ParamQuery - Featured grid library, but many small bugs and old design. Good features realization.
  • SlickGrid - Many features. There is even an infinite feature (1 000 000 rows). Themes looks out of date. Product is well known. Last update in 2014!
  • Tablesorter - Small table plugin that enables sorting and several features. Mainly used to enable fast sorting on html table.


  • ngx-datatable - A feature-rich lightweight data-table crafted for Angular2.
  • ui-grid - Professional complete grid solution.




  • vue-table - Vue.js component that will automatically request (JSON) data from the server and display it nicely in a html table with swappable/extensible pagination component.
  • vue-tables - Small table component on Vue.js.
  • Vuetiful Datatable - Vuetiful is a component framework written on Vue.js. Although it does not have documentation, site and even link with samples - it is still interesting. Link on DataTable
  • DevExtreme Vue Grid - High-performance plugin-based Vue data grid


  • dgrid - Full featured, lightweight data grid library.
  • DridX - Featured grid solution.


  • DevExpress - Huge framework. It has AngularJS, Angular 2, Knockout, .NET versions.
    Grid solutions: grid, pivot, scheduler.
  • DHTMLX - One of the oldest frameworks. A bit out of date with old API.
    Grid solutions: grid, pivot, scheduler, treegrid, spreadsheet.
  • EasyUI - Light and fast jQuery UI library with many widgets.
    Grid solutions: grid, treegrid.
  • FlexGrid - A fast and flexible JavaScript data grid with zero dependencies. FlexGrid has deep integration with frameworks like Angular, React, Vue and Web Components. It is dependable on Wijmo framework.
  • Infragistics(IgniteUI) - Framework with .NET, Silverlight, Mobile, JavaScript versions. JavaScript version has name IgniteUI. It is jQuery based UI. Grid solutions: grid, treegrid, pivot.
  • JQWidgets - jQuery based UI library with a full list of widgets.
    Grid solutions: grid, scheduler, treegrid.
  • Sencha - The biggest JavaScript Framework. Robust API. It is the most serious market solution for developing CRM/ERP systems. Due to it's large size it is used only for SP complex solutions. No jQuery or AngularJS integrations.
    It has a material design theme since 6.2 version.
    There is a .NET version as an external product - Ext.NET.
    Grid solutions: grid with all features, tree grid, pivot, calendar, spreadsheets, infinite.
    There is a 3rd party ExtJS based Gantt and Scheduler - bryntum
  • ShieldUI - UI framework with JavaScript, .NET and Java versions.
    Grid solutions: there are both basic and advanced features. But there are some bugs in the samples and has old design.
  • SmartClient - The oldest project in this list. Old API, but many features.
    Grid solutions: grid with basic features.
  • Syncfusion - Syncfusion offers a complete solution with 50+ components in multiple frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue, etc. Grid solutions: grid, treegrid, spreadsheet, pivot grid, gantt.
  • Telerik - Telerik provides Kendo UI JS framework. Variety of widgets. It has .NET, MVC and PHP versions. It now has an AngularJS 2 version. Grid solutions: grid, scheduler, treegrid, scheduler, spreadsheet.
  • Vaadin - Material design widgets on Polymer. It has AngularJS and Java versions.
    Grid solutions: modern grid with basic features with Free license(Apache 2.0).
    Important: it supports only latest browsers versions!
  • Webix - Variety of widgets. It has Backbone.js, Angular 1, Angular2, VueJS and custom integrations.
    There is .NET version. Grid solutions: grid, treegrid, scheduler, pivot, spreadsheet.
  • w2ui - Light framework on jQuery with just 69kb.
    Grid solutions: light grid solution.

Specific products

  • Cal-Heatmap - JavaScript module to create calendar heatmap to visualize time series data.
  • Elegantt - Awesome Gantt charts for Trello.
  • fullcalendar - Professional JavaScript calendar and schedule library.
  • productboard - Service with interesting grids inside.
  • redbooth - Gantt service.
  • Smartsheet - Popular cloud service to manage grid/excel.
  • tablein - Multi-language restaurant table booking system. It has awesome functionality.
  • wpDataTables - WordPress Table Plugin. This plugin relies on DataTables

Infographic Tools

  • - Cloud infographics tool, has light grid widget.
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