Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


Python bindings for the awesome Openpose library.

Openpose github page


Clone and build openpose. If you use cmake then make install will copy all necessary headers and libs to an install forder that you specify (default is /usr/local).

Set an environment variable named OPENPOSE_ROOT pointing to the openpose install folder. For running the example scripts make sure OPENPOSE_ROOT contains a models folder with the openpose models.

Note: Openpose lib is under heavy development and the API changes very often. Some API changes will break PyOpenPose. I try to upgrade as soon as possible but I am usually a few days behind. Openning an issue helps to speed-up the proccess. Current PyOpenPose version is built with openpose commit e382698

Note: PyOpenPose requires opencv3.x. You will have to build openpose with opencv3 as well.

Inside the root folder of PyOpenpose run cmake and build with:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Add the folder containing to your PYTHONPATH.

Building the library for python3 or python2

  • Set WITH_PYTHON3 flag in cmake to True (i.e with cmake-gui).
  • rebuild project


Check the scripts folder for python examples using PyOpenPose.

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